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Woman is still listening to Bush Bakelite radio she bought with late husband 65 years ago

April 23, 2013

That’s some serious airtime! Pensioner is still listening to Bush Bakelite radio she bought with late husband 65 years ago
Poppy Butcher has been listening to her radio since 1948
Bought Busch Bakelite with late husband for £12 and ten shillings

An elderly widow is still tuning in to the radio she bought as a newlywed more than six decades ago.
Poppy Butcher bought her Busch Bakelite set with her late husband John, and 65 years later the radio remains in perfect working condition.
The 84-year-old, from Weymouth, Dorset, bought the set for £12 and ten shillings – two weeks wages for the young couple – in 1948.

article-2301208-18FD93B5000005DC-119_634x837Going strong: Poppy Butcher, 84, bought her radio set in 1948 and is still using it to listen to her favourite shows 65 years later
The pair carried on listening to their favourite programmes on the radio long after the invention of television, and Poppy still trusts her old set ten years after husband John’s passing.
Although the radio has needed a few repairs over the last six decades it still works without a hitch and takes pride of place in Poppy’s living room.

‘It is as clear as a bell after all these years,’ Poppy said.
‘I don’t believe in a throw-away society and find it amusing at all the offers of guarantees stores give today for TVs and computers in case they break down.
‘My radio is guaranteed for life.’

The radio is seven inches high and has the basic functions of MW/LW frequencies, on/off and volume switches and a dial gage.

The only problem for Poppy is that it takes about 30 seconds for any sound to come out once it is turned on, as the valves inside it have to warm up.
Poppy said: ‘After John and I were first married all we had was a room in my auntie’s house and the only entertainment we had was an old radio.
‘When that gave up the ghost we decided to buy a brand new one from an ironmongers.
‘It cost us about two weeks wages at the time and we bought it on HP paying back about a shilling a week.’


Fine tuned: The old dial includes come cities which no longer exist, such as Leningrad
She added: ‘In those days the radio was the only form of entertainment so we spent extra to get a good one that would last us. We had no idea it would last so long.
‘We bought our first TV in the late 1950s but still used the radio for most of the time.
‘We used to sit around the sideboard and listen to the BBC and Radio Luxembourg and programmes like the Billie Cotton Band, Mrs Dale’s Diary and Hancock’s Half Hour.
‘We also listened to major news events on it like the Manchester United air crash in Munich and the death of King George VI in 1952.
‘I still listen to it several times a week.’
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