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Fall Swap Meet has come and gone…

November 9, 2012
Wow, the Fall Swap Meet has come and gone.  Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out with various activities and set-up.  We had a nice cool day and a constant stream of browsers and buyers.  We had a few less sellers than in the Spring, but we had some new faces that brought a large variety of items to sell.  Special thanks to all our sellers, we know that you are the foundation of our meets.
We also had a nice BBQ lunch after the meet.  Everyone seems to be hungry after a long morning of buying and selling!  This is also a good time for everyone to get together and “shoot the bull” and make some connections.
We’re always looking to make things better.  If you have suggestions or feedback for the club or the activities, please let us know.  This is your club!  We will try to incorporate as many ideas as we can.  Some things are not in our control, some things are… but we need to hear from you!  Also, we welcome anyone who would like to assist with the meets or activities.  Remember, more activities require more help.
We continue to operate solely on donations and the balance of sellers fees that exceed our facility rental.  This Fall, we actually fell short a bit.  We have some reserve funds, but they won’t last forever.  However, we are still committed to running the club without membership fees.  We appreciate any donations (cash or items to auction) that we are given.
Please contact Larry or Kelton if you have ideas or donations, or would like to volunteer.  We will begin planning the 2013 Spring Swap in January.  We look forward to seeing you there!!