November 26, 2010

Lewis Crosby purchased a farm near the WLW transmitter in Mason,Ohio in 1941 to set up a working farm operated by farm people who talked on WLW Farm programs. Called “Everybody’s Farm”, it served as the center of WLW Rural programming. The “Little White Studio” hosted countless farm programs and thousands of rural visitors over the years.This special microphone became a famous part of the WLW Farm activities.
When the need for a distinctive mike arose, R.J.Rockwell, Technical Director, asked Earl Neal, the tenant at Everybody’s Farm, to bring him the largest ear of corn that he could find. An aluminum casting was moulded and machined out to hold an RCA “Salt-shaker” type mike. After painting to look like an ear of corn it was put in service. The Little White Studio, the old farmhouse, the farm tenants, all have passed from the scene and Everybody’s Farm is just a pleasant bit of nostalgia.

Corn Microphone

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  1. As a long-time employee of WLW radio and television (30 years, from 1952 to 1982) I would like to offer a slight correction, if I may. The man who purchased “Everybody’s Farm” was Powel Crosley, Jr., founder of WLW. Although not directly connected with WLW Mr. Crosley’s brother Lewis worked closley with Powel by overseeing Powel’s various manufacturing interests.

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